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The best to choose from

nashville capo for sale performance g7th banjo capos paige capo for banjo bill stokes capo for sale
Nashville Capo
Another great capo design by G7th
G7th Newport Capo
A great approach to capo design.
Paige Banjo Capo
Ultra Thin Capo
Wider to fit all frets on a 5 string banjo
Banjo Capos
The best banjo capo of it's kind on the market.
sliding shubb capo for sale
banjo shubb original capo
planet waves banjo capo
intellitouch capo tuner for sale
Shubb 5th String Sliding Capo
Make it easier on yourself with a Shubb sliding 5-string capo
Original Shubb Capo in Nickel Finish
no re-tuning is necessary with this big seller capo

Planet Waves- Easy to use Banjo Capo
One-hand operation
Ultra-light, aerospace-grade aluminum
Easy to use
Intellitouch Capo Tuner
CT1 Capo Tuner combines vibration-based tuning with a single-action capo

Banjo has the best capo to change the tuning on banjos available at great prices.
We carry all different types of easy to use 5 string capos inlcuding: Paige, Nashville, Intellitouch, Shubb, G7, Stokes, Capo tuner, NS Trio Capo and more.
We have railroad spikes and sliding capos for the 5th string too.

All Products are money back satisfaction guaranteed


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